Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 X 2

I've decided that one of my resolutions or "goals" as I'd rather refer to it, is to pick a project where I have to hold myself accountable. I know that the "taking a picture a day for the year" has been done by many, but I wanted to see if I could do it. Of course, I have to make it more difficult for myself and take two pictures a day to post for the year; one picture from my phone since it's always with me and another with my Canon. I really enjoy photography and am a complete amateur at it, but I figure this way, I'm forced to use my camera daily as well as work with some new photo editing software. I thought about taking a picture of the same thing everyday (something living), but there are too many times throughout the year, where I would not be able to take the picture of said thing, so I'm going with random. We'll see how this goes, I've never been good at sticking with any one thing for too long. 

DAY 1:

iPhone Photo

Canon Photo

I figured the best way to start out this little project is some of my favorite people and animal. 

DAY 2:

iPhone Photo
We like to keep it classy with our bathroom reading material

Canon Photo
All the pretty lights...or at least the ones on my fake plant.

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