Saturday, April 28, 2012

So I Had This Idea....

So I'm sure someone somewhere has thought of this idea already, but so did I, and I thought it cool enough to actually take the time and share it, so here it is. I don't typically wear makeup, but when I do, I have to dig through a zip-lock bag (seriously) to find what I'm looking for. Since I'm on this crafty DIY kick thanks in part to Elizabeth Eljdid with her inspiring pictures, I figured there had to be a more organized and aesthetic way to deal with my makeup. This is what I came up with and this is what you'll need:

  • A frame (check out your local thrift shop) any size will do depending on how much makeup you have
  • Piece of sheet metal. I got mine from Lowe's and I got a piece thin enough that I could cut with tin snips. Lowe's would probably cut it to size for you if need be. Aluminum is not thick enough for the magnets. I tested it at Lowe's and it was a no go. You'll need the sheet metal to fit the size of the frame. 
  • Fabric of your choice. Enough to cover the sheet metal
  • Drill
  • Smallest metal screws you can find
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Paint or Spray Paint (to paint the frame if you choose)
  • Small magnets
  • Super Glue

To start I figured out how big of a frame I would need so I went through my collection of thrift store frames and fit all of my makeup that I use regularly inside of it and chose the one that would work the best.

 Next, I decided to paint my frame, so I put a couple of coats of Killz (primer) over the original wood. I love this stuff and I use it on everything.

I then painted the frame the color that I chose with acrylic paint (2 coats), cut the sheet metal to fit to the back of the frame so that I would be able to attach it with the metal screws and I cut the fabric to fit the sheet metal leaving some extra to wrap around the back. I adhered the fabric to the sheet metal with the spray adhesive and I let all this dry overnight.

The next day I tacked down the extra fabric on the back with super glue and then used the drill to attach the sheet metal to the wood frame.

To finish I took all of my makeup and I super glued small magnets to the back of each. Depending on the weight of the makeup, you may have to put more than one magnet on the back. I also decided that I needed something to hold my brushes, eyelash curler and mascara, so I took an empty pill bottle and painted it and also glued magnets to it as well.

And behold the finished product. Not only is it practical, but it's pretty too :)

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