Sunday, March 6, 2011

No, you may not use my pen

So I'm sitting here sick. Again. For the third time in 2 months I'm having to put up with cold/sinus/crap. I hate colds. Mostly because they make me whiny.

When I first started working at the community services board, I was astounded at how much hand sanitizer that was available. You can find this stuff on every desk, in every counseling room, people's shirt pockets, and there are even people sized stands around the building that it can be dispensed from. There is also an abundance of Lysol and Lysol wipes around to be used as well. Needless to say, I am starting to become a bit OCD about germs. Good thing there are plenty of people around me that I can talk to about this.

Unfortunately we get a lot of client's that come in off of the street, who use public transportation, who have poor hygiene, and they do not have health insurance, which means they tend to be sick a lot. So considering I do not work with kids, my recent rounds of sickness, seem to come from one place only. Because of this, I have now developed a phobia of letting other people use my pens. I have a bad habit of chewing on my pens, so the thought of letting someone else (especially a client) use one of my pens makes me queasy. I've also recently started feeling queasy every time I have to use the restroom there as well. I have started carrying around little bottles of hand sanitizer (though mine are the kind from Bath and Body that smell like something other than alcohol). My hands are paying the price by starting to look like scales, but it seems to be my only defense. I don't think wearing a face mask during an individual session can be easily explained and definitely is not a skill for building rapport.

So no, you may not use my pen.

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