Friday, December 24, 2010

Nothing Screams "Classy" Like Pajama Jeans

I've been procrastinating at this whole blogging thing, I know. I never feel as though I have something to write about. Until now. First off, one of the perks about coming home to Lynchburg is the Chiller Channel. A TV station devoted to creepy movies, sci fi stuff, and other greatness. Sounds a lot like SyFy but the Chiller Channel has one thing that SyFy does not. Buffy. Oh yes, there is a 24 hour Buffy marathon on Christmas day (I am asserting my dorkiness, but it's cool, I came to terms with it a long time ago). Now, I own all seven seasons of this show, and every now and then I go on a binge, but there is just something better about it being on TV. With that being said, Cox, you need to up your game and get on top of offering this channel. My boyfriend will probably hate you, but I'm tired of WWE Raw radomly interrupting the programming on SyFy.

Today however I saw by far the most ridiculous product to ever be commercially advertised. Until today, the snuggie held that title. If you want to stay warm and have your hands free, then wear a sweatshirt. But girls, now there are Pajama Jeans. Seriously? These pants are stretchy, look like jeans, are lined with some fleece stuff and do not have zippers or buttons. That's right, they pull on. Apparently you can wear these fantastic pants out on the town and then come home and still be so comfortable that you'll sleep in them. Really they remind me of the tuxedo t-shirts. They are simply sleep pants with jeans painted on them. But wait, theres more! If you order today you'll get a free crew cut t-shirt. Now your outfit is complete. So be sure and order yours today so that you'll be ready to go out with the girls and then go to bed without ever changing clothes. Oh wait. I can do that without pajama jeans.

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